Food Truckers across the nation

are working together to

rebuild the Teddy Malibu truck.



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Hello! Welcome to Paradise.


November 08, 2018 should have been just another day in Paradise. Instead it was the day that 95% of this small mountain town in Northern California was consumed by a wildfire.


The Teddy Malibu Food Truck was not spared.



José is a hard working, tax paying, insurance wielding, food truck veteran. The American dream of grinding it out for a better life is alive and well in him.


Insurance companies were not spared. Many are unable to pay and others are dodging or delaying payouts. This is the case for Jose, who is currently being denied his rightful payout.




Three month old baby girls don't stop needing diapers.


No matter how good the reason.





Life gets hard.


None get spared.


Handouts are not being requested here, just a leg up for Jose to get back to work at an honest life.


If you respect that please go to your favorite food truck and get a Teddy Button.


If your favorite food truck isn't carrying Teddy Buttons yet please send them our way.


If your favorite food truck is unwilling to carry the Teddy Buttons please find a new favorite food truck.


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